Media Site

Here are a few viral/media themes avaialable. There are designed exactly for what they are trying to do, viral magazine style layout, has great placements for advertising and promotions. they looks great on mobile devices and easily customizable.

Here are some examples:

Yes, they can add livestreaming to the site, there are a lot of services that integrate into wordpress, some are paid services some are free, so just depends on what their budget is etc…

SEO & Social Media. So initially we will set the site up to utilize all we can to optimize SEO, we have special SEO plugins, video seo plugins, tools to accomidate the latest SEO strategies. But of course SEO is a long term play so it’s important to impliment a long term strategy.

Social Media, we can do a full set up and customization for all the social media channels, custom headers, avatars and proper set up of the channels. As well as website integration, for example with Facebook we can actually imbed the website right into the facebook page so people can view conent from the site without ever leaving facebook, as well as embeding the youtube video channel right into facebook. This allows for easy access and sharing through the social channels.

Instgram is key espeically important and making sure the instagram account is on point with video, images, memes etc. is key. The biggest thing with instagram is having a proper #hashtag strategy in place is key. Along with Twitter, having a #hastag marketing strategy will by super important.